Free ARC paperback book Fallen Ancients Rising

Free ARC Paperbacks for SciFi Lovers – Merry Christmas!

I am giving away 3 signed Advanced Reader Copy paperback versions of my debut book, Fallen Ancients Rising, before its release next month. Only 5 ARCs of this paperback version will ever be printed. One is being offered at each of the following sites:




and I’ll choose the recipient based on their response to the question: “Why do you feel you, or someone you know, might enjoy this particular book?” (Book details below)

This is meant as a Christmas gift for lovers of SciFi books. No strings attached. The selected recipient will be made known on the appropriate thread and I’ll contact them via Direct Message for an address to mail the book to, at my cost, via USPS (so PO Boxes are OK – but U.S. addresses only, please). Books will be mailed as early as the following Saturday, December 26, provided I’ve received the address by then. The addresses will be used only for the purpose of mailing the book and for no other purpose. Only five ARCs will ever be printed for this paperback version.

If interested, use one of the links above to submit your response. But hurry, as the recipients will be chosen on Wednesday, December 23 @ 10:00pm ET.



Title: Fallen Ancients Rising (Alienable Rites Volume One)

Genre: Science Fiction/Religious Fiction

Quick Summary: A cross between ‘Stargate’ and ‘Ancient Aliens’, with just enough ‘The Da Vinci Code’ to leave you praying we never make contact.

Key Topics: Aliens, Alien Invasion, First Contact, Ancient Gods, Apocalypse, Comparative Mythology

Planned Release Date: 01/13/21

Back of Book Blurb:

Mankind, facing our darkest hour, comes to learn the answer to the oldest and most significant question we’ve ever dared to ask…

Are we alone in the universe?

An extraterrestrial race arrives with a dire warning about an approaching catastrophe. And they offer not only to help us with our plight but, also, share their wealth of knowledge which could bring about an end to many of the biggest issues our world faces. All they ask for in return is our cooperation – and something else we possess. An insignificant, almost worthless object.

…or is it?

Although their arrival brings an answer to our oldest question, along with them come many new questions. Questions perhaps even more important than the first had been. Who and what are they? Where are they from? What are their intentions? And the most important question of all…

Were we better off when we were alone?

This story takes us on a journey of a ‘What if we’re not alone?’ using actual history, beliefs, and connecting many common dots found across various ancient mythologies and religions to produce one possible and thought-provoking scenario.

A scenario that is completely, and entirely, fiction.

…or is it?

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