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Simply add a comment in the Forum below to ask any question you have. You’ll receive an answer there and, if the answer is likely to help others, the Q&A will be added to the appropriate section at the top of this page.

Forum & Comment Questions

You can manage all of your comment subscriptions on this forum:

  1. Ensure you are logged in,
  2. Click the Subscribe button to choose whether to receive email notifications for all new comments related to the post (page) you are viewing, or to receive only replies to the comments you make for that post,
  3. When posting a new comment, toggle the bell icon on or off to receive notifications of any replies to that specific comment you are posting,
  4. Use the forum’s content and settings icon to manage all of your current comment subscriptions, follows, and to view and manage your recent comment activity.
How to modify forum settings
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No, not at all. You can always comment as a Guest and only need to provide a name of some sort. However, all comments by Guests, and even members posting for the first time, will need to be reviewed before they are added. Also, posting as a Guest will exclude you from certain forum features such as following others, others following you, receiving notifications on your comments, etc.

Member Account Questions

All account settings can be changed from your My Account page (make sure you are already signed in). Detailed descriptions and instructions for each option can be found on the Account Settings Instructions page.

Runes Questions

Hang onto it. Save the file somewhere (the correct, special rune image has a black background). Also, make sure you’re on the Newsletter mailing list to receive any notices about it in the future.

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