Book Review of Word of the Creator by Gene Stiles

Book Review: Word of the Creator (Author Gene Stiles)

Word Of The Creator
by Gene Stiles


Salvation or Annihilation?

The giant appeared in a golden beam of celestial light on the steps of St. Peter’s Basilica. Accompanied by a host of angels, the face of Jesus Christ smiled down upon the supplicant Pope John Matthew, his arms widespread in welcome. “Be at peace. We are here to save the souls of humanity and return you to the Word of the Creator.” Through his tears, the Pope knew he was blessed above all others.

Father Ricardo Guerrero, archeologist and chief investigator for the Ministry of Miracles was not so sure. Instead of being entranced by the heavenly choir drifting over the Vatican, he had a pounding headache. When eleven more messiahs appear around the world, his suspicions turn the Church against him. With Kylie Jorgensen, the astronomer who learns what the crosses actually are, Carl Washburn, an ex-Seal New York Detective, and NY Times reporter, Angeline Morgan, Ricardo races to find the truth before a holy invasion destroys the world.


Of the books I’ve read this year, Word of the Creator is my favorite story so far. This isn’t to say anything against the other books I’ve already read. It’s only that this book’s plot hits on many topics and subgenres I’m particularly interested in.

Science fiction? Check.

Angels and religious fiction? Check.

Aliens and first contact? Check.

Action and suspense, multiple main characters and their varied introspective views on Christian ideology, an awesome opening, and an incredible ending?

Check, check and check.

What I liked most about this book is its opening. In fact, I would say it’s one of the best first chapters I’ve read in a very long time. It’s both fast-paced and presents mysteries that will leave you longing to see what comes next. (TIP: If you happen to be a fan of any of the topics I mentioned above, be sure to use the free preview link below to see what I’m referring to.)

The story begins with strange lights appearing over many cities around the world, ends with expansive action sequences that will keep you turning pages into the late hours, and in between these touches on multiple subjects ranging from ancient cultural artifacts to the philosophical struggles of religious leaders when faced with what very well could be prophesied end-times unfolding.

I always enjoy books such as this one that stay with you after you’ve read them, and this book will almost certainly leave you with at least a single burning question…

What if?

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